Under the Weather

I do not like to be sick! I don't suppose anyone does, but this is my blog and my opportunity to complain.

Hubby has had a cold for about two weeks and I was so proud that I hadn't caught it from him yet.

Sunday, I froze at the Central Coast Author and Book Fest--the wind blew and the air was chilly. After dinner, I was still chilly and went to bed to warm up. I felt fine the next day for our trip home. When I woke Tuesday a.m. I knew I was in trouble. By afternoon I knew that no way could I got to my writing group on Wednesday. Boo hoo! I let them know because we always print out copies of the chapter we plan to read.

Despite being sick yesterday, I did our laundry, changed bed linens, dusted and cleaned our bedroom and bath. I made wonderful chicken soup for dinner--son and daughter-in-law came over to eat it too (they've been sick with something else) and fortunately I think there's enough for dinner tonight.

Staying in bed isn't something I can do. Sick or not, I have to be in front of my computer. What I can't do is write anything new. I need to be working on my next Tempe--but I'll have to satisfy myself with promotion Dispel the Mist and the blog tour I'm on now.

I'm writing this on Thursday, but it'll appear tomorrow--hope I feel better by then.



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