The Aftermath of Thanksgiving

I didn't even think about taking pictures during the meal--too busy getting it ready, serving it, and eating myself. We were already done, cleaned up, and playing Estimation when I remembered I'd charged my iPhone and brought it out for picture taking.

We ended up with only 15 people for dinner--some didn't come because they couldn't be torn away from the TV--however we had two that we didn't expect.

In the pictures are daughter-in-law Elaina and granddaughter Jessica. I couldn't have done the dinner with Elaina--she was so helpful making the mashed potatoes and her wonderful salsa, and just plain being my right hand lady before and after. Jessica made the green bean casserole and it turned out great.

The picture of Carolyn (great-granddaughter) next to daughter Lisa shows what we were doing after we ate and while we ate dessert. In another one it looks like hubby is peeking at grand-daughter Melissa's cards--don't think he was. Aaron (great-grandson) played half a game with us then retired to the couch to watch the football game.

Some of the picture I took were far too blurry, I'm not the best at picture taking, so didn't post them.

I was tickled that my two grown grandson, Nick and Nathan, came even though they had other dinners to attend. Nick brought his girlfriend and his daughter Kay'lee (6)who let me know she had 3 more dinners to attend. Sure glad I didn't, barely got through mine.

Haven't seen Nathan for awhile and learned he'd been sky-diving since our last visit. While here, he took his dad's (our son) new motorcycle for a spin. I was very glad when he got back.

Anyway, it was a great Thanksgiving and we have enough food to host another dinner. We'll ask, not sure anyone will come--except for son and his family who live next door.

Hope everyone had a great time yesterday. I was thinking back and wondering if my mom was still cooking Thanksgiving dinner when she was my age and the answer was no because she came to my house or my sister's for Thanksgiving.

Now it's time to get ready for the Christmas holidays.



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