Happy Thanksgiving One and All!

I'm writing this post the day before Thanksgiving because I know I'll be far too busy tomorrow. Yes, I'm the cook again this year. We'll be having 17 people for dinner--but I'm a piker, my sis is having 30. Years ago when she still lived in Springville, we used to do Thanksgiving together at my house. She always brought the pies and cookies (I don't do well with either) and made the gravy. My aunt always brought the green beans and the sweet potatoes. My mom made her famous green pineapple jello. Of course I did the big stuff, turkey, ham, etc. Others brought other side dishes.

Our families continued to grow over the years and when all my sister's kids moved to Las Vegas, she followed. Now she has them, their kids and their kids' kids joining her and her hubby at the Thanksgiving table.

When we moved to Springville, we left two grown daughters behind. For a long while they continued to come to Springville for Thanksgiving--but now their children have grown and some started their own families. Eldest daughter and hubby will be spending Thanksgiving with youngest daughter and family. Some of the kids will be home and some not. Youngest daughter has two sons who have moved far away--but may be coming for Thanksgiving. One of eldest daughter's kids and family will be coming for that Thanksgiving dinner.

Here at home we'll have our middle daughter, her hubby, a young man who lives with them, her eldest daughter and hubby with their three kids, our son, his wife, daughter and two sons. And who knows, we may have some guests we didn't expect.

I love Thanksgiving. The food is great, it's fun to be surrounded by loved ones, I'm sure the men will watch football and we'll have a raucous game of Estimation. And we'll have lots of leftovers so I won't have to cook for a few days. One more thing to be thankful for.

Here's wishing your Thanksgiving to be wonderful.



Mary Welk said…
Hope you had a wonderful day, Marilyn. We had the family here and had a great time. And yes, thank goodness for leftovers! :)

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