How to Deal With Living in a Scary World

Because of what happened at Fort Hood I decided to speak about something that is quite close to my heart.

We were military for 20 years--lived in base housing only twice. The majority of the time my husband was in the military and stationed at Port Hueneme Seabee Base, we owned our own home a couple of blocks from the main gate to the base. He served three times in Vietnam--so I really do know scary.

At this particular time we have a granddaughter with two children living on an Army base in Georgia.

But it really doesn't matter where one lives, bad things happen everywhere, there is no way to predict such horrors. Who knew something as horrific as 911 would ever happen in the United States?

The reality is there are crazy people everywhere. And unfortunately, many people who hate the United States--and quite a few of them are living among us. The men who flew into the trade center and the Pentagon had been living here a long while.

I met a man in Homeland Security and asked him how safe we were. His answer was, "Not safe at all. All the bad guys are already here. They are your neighbors, your kids' soccer coach, the friendly fellow who owns the corner store, and they've been here for years."

So knowing that, what does one do? For me, I trust in God. He is still in control no matter what is happening around us. I am a Christian and I do believe the Bible. When I read it, I am reassured that God will take care of me. Does that mean nothing bad will happen to me or mine? Of course not. But I am assured that when I die I will go to a far better place than this.

Having faith in God can make a whole lot of difference when all these bad things go on around us.

I'm not trying to preach to anyone here, just letting you know how I deal with living in a scary world.

God bless you all and keep you safe,



Lillie Ammann said…
Amen. Faith is what keeps me going also.

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