More on My Trip to Temecula

A big reason we love to go to Temecula for the Erle Stanly Gardner mystery weekend and the writer's conference is because we get to see our two grandkids who live in the area plus spend time with their families.

We spend the first night in Wildomar with Genie's family. She's always been a delight to us. She's a school speech therapist and her hubby a deputy. They have two children. Their pictures will be up on Wednesday, Veteran's Day.

We spend the second night in Temecula with Patrick's family. He's had a rough time lately because the job he thought he'd have until retirement disappeared. He has found another job but at the moment it's not paying the bills. His wife works full time and has a part time job. They have three kids. The youngest is in this one with his dad.

It takes a long time to get down to Temecula and we are not fond of driving on the freeways at all. Hubby likes to drive the speed limit--or 5 miles over--which does seem to upset the drivers in Southern California. No, we're not the slowest on the freeway and we do stay out of other people's way--but, when someone makes a nasty finger gesture you, know you're too pokey.

I once got a huge fine for speeding (and I was) in a deserted country road with absolutely no traffic on it but me and the CHP that got me, so I'm careful about going much over the speed limit too.

Despite all that we had a great time.



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