My Bumpy Road to Publication Part III

During the time I was with Hard Shell, the publisher had one after another of the most horrendous family tragedies imaginable.

I sent the next Tempe book out to a larger small press with a great reputation. They were interested in the book but wanted me to make it 15,000 words longer. I knew I couldn't do it, so I had to find another publishing company.

By this time, I'd decided I didn't want to go with a house with only one person in-charge. While attending a couple of Epicons I met the publishers of Mundania Press. I had the opportunity to speak with Dan Rietz, one of the owners and publishers, and asked if he'd be interested in the Tempe series. I sent him Calling the Dead and he sent me a contract. Since then, Mundania has published Calling the Dead, Judgment Fire, Kindred Spirits, and Dispel the Mist. Invisible Path is next in line for fall of 2010.

While attending a Public Safety Writers Association's conference , I met the publisher of Oak Tree Press. Of course I told her about my Rocky Bluff P.D. series, I had two completed books in my computer. She invited me to be a speaker at her publishing house's writing conference and hubby and I went to Taylorville IL. Before the conference, she came to our motel room bearing a contract for No Sanctuary.

And as they say, "the rest is history."

So though not published by a major publisher, I am quite happy with the two small presses who are publishing my mysteries on a regular basis.

The bumpy road has smoothed out--but it was long and perilous.

I suppose the true message through all this is, if you really want to be a writer, never give up. Perseverance pays off.


M.M. Gornell said…
I love reading about your publishing adventures because you always re-inspire and revitalize me. Your sharing lets other authors know they aren't alone in their publishing "trials and tribulations." Thank you!

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