Wars and Rumors of Wars

That's what the Bible says we'll have plenty of--and it has certainly been right.

Since I've been alive, I've seen a lot of wars go on.

World War II was first. I remember hearing about it on the radio when President Franklin D. Roosevelt told everyone the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor. My childhood and teen years were greatly influenced by that war--shortages, food stamps, war movies, news reels about the fighting and other things. The war ended when I was in the 9th grade.

Hubby served as a Seabee during peacetime and also did three tours in Vietnam. This was the first time we could actually see the horrors of war while it was happening, thanks to TV.

And of course there was the Cold War and the Korean War and lots of other fighting going in places with strange names most of us had never heard of before. Israel always has it's problems (also talked about in the Bible) and of course Afghanistan and Iraq.

Will it ever end? No. As much as most of us would like peace, men are greedy and want to take over what other people have (we're as guilty as anyone else) and the U.S. always feels obligated to jump in and take care of the down-trodden (though sometimes there are other motives that don't come out until later).

Do I have any answers? Absolutely not. Do I think we'll ever see peace? No, I believe the Bible, there will always be wars and rumors of wars, sad as that may be.

Tomorrow I promise to write something far more upbeat.

This was written on Veteran's Day and influenced my thinking.



Lyn said…
Thank you for the post. Veteran's Day is always such a complicated thing, isn't it? On the one hand, we are so proud of our Vets and so grateful for their service but on the other hand we are so sad for their lost innocence--and lost lives, too--and so angry at the need for it. Very good post. Thanks.

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