Why I Watch General Hospital

Years ago I watched General Hospital because it came on about the time my kids were coming in from school--and often it was the first time I had the opportunity to sit down.

I watched Luke and Laura and their improbably romance that began with a rape (no doubt the writers were surprised by the chemistry between the two of them and changed the story line). I watched when Elizabeth Taylor played the part of one of the evil Considines and I believe she came to the wedding. Ms. Taylor is the same age as I am and since she liked General Hospital enough to become a part of it for a short while, then it made my watching even more okay--at least in my mind.

When I had my care home, I watched GH when I folded clothes. When it was over it was time to get up and start dinner and greet the ladies as they came in from work.

Now, my hospital watches GH with me in the afternoon and sometimes we snooze through parts of it. We guess at what outlandish thing is going to happen next. We yell at the characters as they do stupid things. And laugh at things that would never be possible in real life. We are also amazed at some of the things you could never get away with when writing a book.

We've become fond of the actors and are amazed at how good some of them are. Our favorites are Jason, the enforcer, that guy can bring tears to his eyes when ever needed, and Spinelli, the computer geek with his own bizarre language.

We loved the Carlie before the one that's playing the part now--but we've gotten used to the new one.

If we miss a show, I play it on the computer so we can catch up. Are we addicted, or what?

And that's how my hubby and I waste one hour a day when we are home.


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