Anyone Else Having Problems Understanding Our Government?

Blizzard expected in the middle west and Atlantic states--our government is overseas where the temperature is about 25 degrees and they are promising big bucks to other underdeveloped countries for help solve the global warming problem. We're going to give money to countries where the leadership is totally corrupt? Does anyone with any sense think the money will go for what it is supposed to?

And we're doing this while getting farther and father in debt? Frankly, I do not get it.

I really hoped things would change for the better, but that clearly is not happening.

Until our government actually goes back to what our founding fathers spelled out I'm afraid we're going to be the laughing-stock of the world, if we're not already.

Heaven help our grandchildren, because it looks like that is all that can possibly help.

I don't usually write anything political, but I just can't believe what's happening.



cj said…
It's absolutely insane, especially when you take into consideration the growing evidence that the entire 'global warming' evidence has been manipulated...

Obama should've stayed home.


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