Bad Things Happening at this Time of Year

Just now heard about a friend learning her job was terminated at the end of the month. Crummy timing. I know that's it's happened to more than just her--in fact my son was terminated after working for the same company for five years.

One of my daughters cleans for a family whose house burned down yesterday evening. It's a total loss, all their possessions including the Christmas gifts they'd already bought. The only one home was a grown son who managed to get all their animals out.

Losing your home would be devastating at any time of year--hard to imagine having to start all over.

Over the years I've been terminated a couple of times. Once I taught in a school I loved for ten years. The director and I had a falling out and I had to leave. From there I went to day care center. The woman who hired me moved to another center and the new man hired in her place quickly displayed that he had no heart for the children or his staff. When the school secretary pointed out that he was being dishonest with things like charging the corporation for his wife's services as a translator when we didn't need a translator and we never saw her on the premises, for supplies that weren't there, $200 for a staff party--when the party was at my home and pot luck--and it was obvious something had to be done, but the secretary feared losing her job. I became the whistle blower and lost my job immediately. However, the woman who hired me in the first place, rehired me at her new school.

My point here is something one job loss can lead to another, better position. If I hadn't lost the job at the first school, I would never have moved to the place we live now. When we bought the house we now live in, it was a licensed facility for six developmentally disabled women. We took over the facility, lived in the home, and cared for the women who became like family to us. Along with this new profession I was afforded the time to write. As time went on and regulations required all administrators of facilities to have more training, I organized and taught that training in the area I lived in. My new job brought many new challenges and helped me grow as a person.

Recovering from the loss of a home would be difficult. But my belief is that things happen for a reason. Whether you believe in God or not, my faith tells me that God is in control and if we trust in Him, thinks will eventually work out--and often in a way we could never imagine.

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who may be experiencing a loss of any kind at this time of year. May God bless you and watch over you and guide you to the next step in your life.



Lillie Ammann said…

I agree with you that often something good comes from what we think is terrible at the time. All things work together for good to those who love the Lord and are called according to his purposes.
C. N. Nevets said…
Thanks for this mature, thoughtful commentary. It really resonated with me because a couple years ago, while I was still in grad school, my wife lost her position at a daycare under somewhat similar circumstances as you did, and our life has been reeling ever since. I do believe in God and try to trust in Him, but it's not always easy when you feel like you've slid backwards and are spinning your wheels.

It's always great to hear encouragement, especially this time of year.

I hope your friend finds her feet and I hope your daughter is able to get new work. My prayers are with that family and all others who lose their home.

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