Book Tours--Do you Do Them?

Today I read about an author who was disappointed to find out that her publisher no longer paid for book tours and that was something she had been looking forward to. So instead of forgetting her dream, she and her father put out a call to everyone they knew through various means to see if they could interest people in having her come to universities, libraries, whatever venue they had some influence with. Actually it seemed to work pretty well.

I've never gone on a book tour, though I must confess I've felt a tad bit of envy when reading or hearing about someone's successful book tour. One author I've met and admire is Michael Orenduff (The Pot Thief series) who toured from his hometown to Las Vegas where he attended the Public Safety Writers Association's conference.
Imagine what a task the arranging for that must have been! He also reported have a wonderfully successful book launch for his second book with people lining up waiting for his signature.

Though I have had this envy, I never felt inclined to cold call bookstores to arrange book signings. I do email the ones that I know when I have a new book coming, though not so much anymore. The idea of planning a tour cross-country or even around the state doesn't appeal. When doing a book tour like that you've got to spend money staying in motels or find friends who live in the area who will let you sleep on their couch. I might have considered that a few years ago, but now I prefer the comfort of a bed.

The last few years I've been quite happy to be doing more unconventional promotions such as book and craft fairs, county fairs, art galleries, coffee, sandwich, and gift shops, book clubs, service and social clubs. Of course I've never had a long line waiting to buy and have me sign a book, and I would like to have that experience, but if I never do I've still managed to meet a lot of great people and collect a few fans.



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