Christmas Shopping

I don't do a whole lot of it anymore--we have far too many in our family. Four living children, plus eighteen grandkids and eleven great-grands. My sister and I no longer give gifts to one another, because she has nearly the same situation too--although she gives one present to each of her offspring and most of them show up at her house on Christmas day to receive it.

We've chosen to mostly give money--money to our two girls who live far away, gift certificates to their spouses for a favorite restaurant. For the ones that are here, one I take shopping because she is such a generous person if I gave her money she'd use it to buy gifts for someone else. I give her husband movie tickets as they, like us, love to go to the movies. Son, I give money and gift certificates because he's at our house for the gift opening. In case you think that's unfair, it adds up to the same as I gave the girls.

For the grandkids with their families, I give them money, the amount depending upon how many are in the family. I also send English muffins to each family to arrive sometime close to Christmas.

I'm not that fond of shopping anyway and this is much, much easier.

My mom was a master shopper back in the day and probably why I don't like it much as she used to take me along with her on her expeditions when I was little. We'd ride the streetcar to downtown L.A. always to go to a sale in the Broadway basement. We'd be among the huge throng of women waiting for the doors to be opened, then dash down the stairs to the basement where piles and piles of goods awaited. The women would grab stuff up, fight over things, and all I remember is legs and rear ends. More than once I got lost. Sales in the Broadway basement were far worse than what happens on Black Friday--at least they seemed so to a little girl.

Merry Christmas,



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