Countdown to Christmas

The house does look like Christmas despite the fact we didn't bother to haul out our big artificial tree to decorate. There was a good reasons for that, the last time we did it, the cats thought we'd given them a new toy and they knocked off all the ornaments, breaking all the glass ones. At the time we had two cats, now there are three.

Instead we bought a small pre-decorated and lighted tree and it adds festivities to the part of the room it's in. We also decorated the mantle with three manger scenes, put our Christmas stuffed animals on the hearth, and the ceramic carolers I made years ago on the coffee table despite the fact one of them has a chip in it.

Christmas cards add a lot. As they come in I tape them on the book shelves.

We don't put out the gifts until the afternoon of Christmas Eve--again the reason is the cats.

It'll be fun this Christmas Eve, besides the two grandsons (grown-up)and the granddaughter (also grown), son and his wife, we'll also have the other granddaughter and her two little ones. Husband and father is overseas serving in the Army and that's why she's spending Christmas here, her home is on an Army base in Georgia.

I am ready. Wrapped my last two gifts yesterday.



C. N. Nevets said…
I miss Christmas cards. I used to love taping cards up on the wall. I've gotten one card this year and it was from a vendor at my straight job.


Of course, my wife and I haven't sent out cards either... Oops.

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