God Knew What He was Doing

God knew what He was doing when he made moms young.

I raised five babies and lived through it. Saturday morning, my middle daughter and I drove three and a half hours to visit and babysit for my youngest great-grandaughter. I wanted to see her and my granddaughter again and because my daughter often makes this trek, I went along this time.

As you can see by the photos, my granddaughter and great-granddaughter are both beautiful. We had fun playing with the baby and things went well for awhile, even after mom went off to work. But--when she realized mom was really gone and only grandma and great-grandma were left to tend to her needs--she was not happy. In fact, she became quite angry and let us know--did she ever let us know.

Grandma--my middle daughter--is still young--compared to me--and she quite expertly fixed bottles, changed diapers, played and cajoled and calmed baby down--for awhile.

Then, baby began experiencing the pain of teething. We'd been warned this was a possibility but we hadn't received any instructions. The crying intensified. Mom was called at work and gave us some tips--and where to find some medicinal remedies. (I had some suggestions from years ago, but they weren't acceptable.) Grandma took completely over and things quieted a bit. Grandma put baby into p.j.s and we got into ours. The three of us climbed into the guest King-size bed. Baby decided she didn't want to sleep anywhere near me. Crying again. Grandma got her up and walked her around until she finally fell asleep. Back to bed they came.

We slept--for awhile. Baby woke and cried. Grandma got her settled and we slept again. Then somewhere in the wee hours, mom came home from work. She took over. We slept until the alarm rang at 4:45 a.m. We had to dress quickly, mom got up to hug and kiss us goodbye and we were back on the road at 5:15 a.m.

It was raining. We drove the 3 1/2 hours home because we needed to be back in time for my daughter's duties as the praise team leader at church and mine as Sunday School teacher. We made it in the nick of time.

Not sure how much sleep we had--maybe 3 hours putting all the snatches of shut-eye together. I'm glad I went though. I helped my daughter when she needed more than two hands, I got to see my granddaughter and great granddaughter and I'm happy I did. And this is the biggie--I kept daughter awake on the long drive home.

And yes, God knew what he was doing when he made mothers young.



I truly enjoyed reading your post! I am a young mom, trying to figure it all out. It really is true that God knows exactly what He is doing every step of the way. Thank you again for your post. God Bless and Happy New Year!!

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