The Last Month of 2009

Can you believe it? It's December already. The holiday season is upon us as they say.

Looking back over the last eleven months, it's hard to believe all that's happened. I've had two of my books published, No Sanctuary under the name F. M. Meredith by Oak Tree Press and Dispel the Mist by Mundania Press. And I've written two books in both those series which are were sent off to the publishers.

I've given talks to the Porterville Women's Club, to a writers group at a book store in the mountains, talks at libraries, to the Yosemite Romance Writers, to my own Sisters in Crime, to the Porterville Rotary Club, attended the Springville Chamber of Commerce annual dinner, had two book launches, attended two writers conferences, and a mystery con, and spoke at the Crime Writers Conference about electronic publishing.

Had a couple of radio interviews, got a scary letter from the IRS that I owed $8000--yep, that much, but after sending in lots of paperwork proved that I didn't own anything, had two blog tours, tried to write my own blog everyday--mostly did it, blogged every Tuesday on the Stiletto Gang and twice a month on Make Mine Mystery.

Attended the Los Angeles Time Book Festival on the UCLA campus and had signing times in two booths as well as two book fests and several craft fairs where I had my books on display.

Wrote my monthly newsletter for those who signed up for it. Also wrote put together the quarterly on-line PSWA newsletter and the monthly newsletter for California Residential Services Association, and attended their business meetings and annual meeting.

Planned the program for the Public Safety Writers Conference and was thrilled by the caliber of speakers and the great comradery among everyone who attended.

Went to my ex-daughter-in-law's wedding and was thrilled to see my two grandson escort the bride and my great-granddaughter as the flower girl.

Taught Sunday School and went to church, brought food and ate at potlucks, helped at Vacation Bible School.

Spent three days with my books at the Santa Barbara County Fair in Santa Maria.

Had regular doctor visits, icky procedures, had an eye exam, went to visit daughters in Ventura County, attended a friend's book launch, traveled to Dana Point to help with another friend's book launch and had a great time, traveled to Ridgecrest to speak to the Ridgewriters, went to Barstow for the Mitchell family reunion and had a book signing there at the motel.

Thanksgiving came and went and now we're in December. Probably I forgot something, but those are the highlights. If you've been following my blog you know about most of it anyway.



M.M. Gornell said…
I'm worn out just reading what you've done! Happy Holidays, hope you rest a bit, and may next year be grand!
Anonymous said…
No wonder you're tired! Or are you? LOL You inspire me!
I'm tired at the end of each day--and I do go to bed early--but no writing what I've done made me feel good. I've always been someone who liked to accomplish things.

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