Proud Grandmother

The photo is of my granddaughter, Genie (pronounced Jenny), and her family. Genie was a fun kid--she played soccer and did shotput and discus in high school. School didn't come easy for her, she worked hard to get decent grades. She got her first job as a hostess in a restaurant--and of course we had to go there and eat.

She went to the local community college at first and this is where she met her husband-to-be, Mark. She continued her education at Northridge, where she majored in Speech Therapy (actually had a much longer title, but can't remember exactly) and received her Bachelor's Degree. We proudly attended the graduation with her parents and other members of the family.

Genie and Mark's wedding was beautiful. They moved to Fullerton where Genie became a speech therapist at a local grammar school and Mark started his career as a deputy sheriff. While there she began work on her Master's Degree.

They now have two children, Peyton and Garrett and they now have their own home. Genie teaches speech in a nearby grammar school and she is really busy with all of her children's activities.

Yesterday, Genie learned she'd been chosen as teacher of the year for her school! One more reasons to be proud of this wonderful young woman who is my granddaughter.

Grandma Marilyn


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