Spreading Holiday Cheer

On another blog that I post on weekly, one of the bloggers was talking about how people are no longer polite or even nice to one another. Certainly we've all see this.

One way to counteract it and spread holiday cheer is to smile at everyone and say a kind word. It can really be fun. If you smile at someone with a grim expression they'll probably smile back.

I also like to compliment strangers and pick up on something that I like--such as "I really like the way you've done your hair." Or, "Wow, that color looks great on you."
I've even told someone how much I liked their tattoo. Tattoos don't really thrill me (even though my husband has three) but some of them truly are quite artistic.

If you come upon a scary looking individual who is trying to intimidate you, smiling at them and giving a compliment can really disarm them.

You may have guessed, I like to talk to strangers and I hope that maybe I've brought a bit of happiness into their lives or at least surprise.

Because I'm what might be termed "a little old lady", once I know this tactic probably saved me from having my purse stolen. As a very suspicious young man came toward me at a fast pace and I had that feeling I was going to be a victim, I made eye-contact, flashed a huge smile, and asked him where on earth he was going at such a speed. He stopped abruptly, blinked, turned and ran the other way.

Anyway, try it. Tell people how cute their baby is, anything you can find to say. It's fun and it works.



Lillie Ammann said…

You'll probably never know what impact your smile has. This morning at a women's meeting at church, I heard an amazing story. The speaker had a dream that she had died and was called before the judgment seat. She didn't want to go in because she felt she hadn't done anything worthy, but the person at the door insisted she go in. When she stood before the Lord, He said, "You smiled at one person, and that was what I wanted for your life."

The very next morning after her dream, she received a letter from a woman she hardly knew. The woman wrote that she had planned to commit suicide and decided to go to church one more time before she died. She wrote, "You turned and smiled at me, and I suddenly felt God's love." She didn't commit suicide and had turned her life around.

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