Travails of Country Living

Last week while taking my morning shower, the water barely trickled out. I complained to hubby, of course, and he went out an tinkered with the well. Son, who lives next door and uses the same well, mentioned he'd been doing his wash. We thought that was the reason for the poor water flow.

However, things worsened--soon no water came out at all. A well-man was called, but he didn't stop by until the next day. We were managing on containers hubby had filled with water at the church. (One of the good things about being a deacon and the preacher's son-in-law.)

While all this was going on a feral cat managed to sneak into the house. Once he got inside, he was not happy and meowed his displeasure loudly. We tried to get him out. What this entailed was chasing him around, trying to move him in the direction of the outside door. We couldn't just leave it open because the inside cats would go out and no telling how many more outside cats would come in.

We tried off and one for two days to maneuver the cat toward the door while someone stood there to open it. We'd almost make it, and the dear animal would veer off in another direction.

We finally managed it the same day the well was being fixed--an all day process which entailed a new pump and pipes. Of course by this time the cat had left hidden treasures for us to smell, find and clean-up.

We had water for showers, finally, and doing dishes and the laundry. We took our showers, started the dishwasher and were supposed to go to a party. We both decided we'd had too much stress to enjoy ourselves and would be much happier staying home. So we did.

We watched the last episode of the Ladies #1 Detective Agency and loved it.



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