What Can Happen After an Appearance

Friday and Saturday I spent the full day at the Porterville Art Gallery with my books. I was near the back by the Christmas Tree. That had no effect on who came by to see me though as there were refreshments in the back room so I had the opportunity to speak with everyone. Those who were interested in books stopped by and took a look, and some bought. One man bought four books in my Deputy Tempe Crabtree series as he likes Native American mysteries.

One of the stringers for the local newspaper stopped by both days and asked me lots and lots of questions. She's interviewed me at various places I've been selling my books--and I think she'd like to be a novelists one day. I know that there will be something in the paper about me because the new managing editor emailed me to ask questions about the article the young reporter had written.

So selling books isn't all that making an appearance is about. I once had a publisher tell me that even if you didn't sell one book, those who saw you and your name, would recognize it the next time they saw it.



M.M. Gornell said…
Glad it was a good appearance. Your table looks very nice!

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