What Needs to Happen Before a New Book Comes Out?

Most authors know they must have a strategy to promote a book before it comes out. In fact, many publishers are asking for your marketing plan at the same time that you send in a synopsis and a few chapters.

Because I've done several marketing plans for publishers I usually build on one of those as I'm working on the plan.

Because I'm with a small, independent press I won't have books to send out for review until the book has gone to press and is available for purchase. But once I get books I'll be asking reviewers if they'd be willing to review it.

I'm already planning to go on another virtual book tour in March. If anyone would like me to visit their blog let me know.

I'll have a book launch and I've already been told I can have it the same place I had my last one, a combination bakery and gift shop in town. I'm planning to approach the new book store in Porterville too and see if she's willing to do one too.

Of course I'll update my website to include the new book and submit the first chapter for people to sample.

Because I work on promotion all year I already have several months of appearances scheduled on my 2010 calendar:

Conferences and Conventions: Epicon in New Orleans, Mayhem in the Midlands in Omaha, Public Safety Writers in Las Vegas, Bouchercon in San Francisco.

Speaking engagements: Clovis Library Book Club, Ridgewriters in Ridgecrest, Visalia Library, Hanford Library

Book Fairs and Craft Festivals: Celebration of the Whales in Oxnard, Jane Austen Fair in Fresno.

Group Author Signing: Coalesce Book Store, Morro Bay

In November, I'm going on a mystery cruise and you can be sure I'll be promoting like crazy there.

Of course I'll be writing blogs, posting on Facebook, Twitter and all the other places I'm on.

At the moment I'm fairly open from July on. But guess what, in September I'll have a new Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery and it'll all start over again.



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