Book Club Talk a Success!

We drove to Clovis and managed to arrive about an hour before we needed to be there so stopped for a sandwich.

Once we arrived at the library, then we had to figure out where the City Council Chambers were--fortunately, Jean Yamamoto, who arranged the whole thing and runs the Clovis Library's Mystery Book Club, spotted us and pointed us in the right direction.

(It began sprinkling. Heavy rains were predicted.)

She'd arranged two tables in the lobby for Sunny and me to display our books. I began my setting up process. Sunny Frazier arrived soon after and did the same.

People soon began arriving--and so did the rain. Fortunately, most folks carried umbrellas.

It was terrific to see so many familiar faces. Many who came were members of San Joaquin chapter of Sisters in Crime, the one I belong to. Some purchased books from us at that time.

I didn't count, but I suspect we had between forty and fifty people in attendance.

Jean introduced us. Sunny and I had decided ahead of time to focus on the settings of our books since hers are in and around the Fresno area, and my Deputy Tempe Crabtree mysteries are in the Southern Sequoias--areas the attendees are familiar with.

We both described the books we'd brought with us and I included No Sanctuary even though the setting for that one is on the coast.

Sunny and I have given presentations together before and we do well playing off one another--and it was a good give and take. Everyone seemed to enjoy what we had to say and at the end they asked lots of questions.

Afterward we went back to our tables and both of us sold a lot of books. What a great day!

The skies had really opened up by this time, so we drove back in the pouring rain. We stopped off for dinner at Red Lobster and used a gift card we received at Christmas.

Except for it being hard to see at night in the rain, everything was perfect.

So nice to have such a great turnout and fun time. Thank you, Jean, for inviting us.



Cheryl said…
So glad it was such a success.


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