Combining Work with Pleasure

I often try to combine work with please or to use a cliche, kill two birds with one stone.

While we were in Ventura at the PSWA Board Retreat, we also managed to spend time with our two daughters and their husbands who live in the area.

The night we arrived we had dinner at our eldest daughter's home (Dana) with her hubby, Mike, and youngest daughter, Lori, and her husband Rick.

The next day while I was off to the meeting, hubby spent the day with Dana and toured the Air Museum on the former Oxnard Air Base. (When we lived in Oxnard it was still an Air Base.)

Hubby came back to the hotel in the evening and joined the group for dinner. He hung around the next day and that last night the board went to dinner at a hotel on the beach and our daughters and husbands along with granddaughter Alyssa (no picture here) met us there.

The next day we had breakfast with the same family members before we left.

I love doing events of any kind in the Ventura County area because it gives us an opportunity to see our kids and our old stomping grounds.



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