Greeting 2010!

Some people think having black-eyed peas is what you need to eat in order to have a good New Year.

At our house, it's seafood gumbo. Yes, that's been our tradition for years. When my mom was living with us it was something she really looked forward to eating.

This year our guests will be one of my granddaughters and her husband and two of her kids--they are the only ones in the family, besides hubby and me, who love seafood.

I use the turkey carcass from Thanksgiving and cook it to get all the meat off and make a nice broth. After the bones are discarded, I cook chopped onion and lots of celery in the broth, then add frozen sliced okra. A couple of cans of tomato pieces go in next. (Flavored ones are good.) I like to season with Seasoned Salt and Garlic and a bit of hot (could be a couple of shots of Tabasco or some chili powder). At the very end I add medium sized shrimp and crab legs. Neither has to cook very long. Serve over cooked rice in a bowl.

You need something to crack the crab legs for everyone--nutcrackers work the best for us. And of course a place to discard the shells.

This is messy but very good eating and a great way to start 2010.



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