How I'm Spending My Saturday

I'll be in Morro Bay when this blog posts. I'm going to participate in a writing workshop put on my the Central Coast chapter of Sisters in Crime, one of several chapters that I belong to. I'm especially fond of the members of this group and I've done several events with them.

It's at 10 a.m. at the Morro Bay Library.

The one today will have several published authors helping critique aspiring authors work (5 pages apiece.) We'll start with each of us giving a 5 minute talk about some aspect of novel writing, my topic is characterization. Of course I could do an hour or more on the subject, but I'll have handouts which the participants can take home and peruse.

Afterwards, we'll be lunching together.

Hubby and I love driving over to the coast--besides the gorgeous scenery we know we'll have a great meal with some kind of seafood.

We do have to come right back later in the afternoon as we both have commitments on Sunday.

February is a much less busy month--except I'll be doing taxes.



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