Morro Bay Photos and CCSinC

These photos show the surf, in one picture you can see the spray coming over the sea wall, in the others, it's the surf on the other side of the rock. We watched surfers as the caught the waves that were coming one right after another.

Because of standing out in the wind and spray, all the work I did fixing my hair was for nothing--but most of the time my hair looks like I didn't do much anyway.

After our night in the cheap motel we found a wonderful place to have breakfast--The Coffee Pot, right on the beach. We've eaten their before and knew we'd get a good meal. I had a California omelet with avocado, artichoke hearts and mushrooms. Outstanding. Then we drove out to Morro Rock where we wandered around and I took my photos. Sure love my iPhone. Takes far better pictures then any camera I've ever had.

Finally it was time to head to the Morro Bay Library and the Central Coast Sisters in Crime workshop. We had six author instructors and seven attendees. When we divided up to critique 5 pages, it was nearly one on one.

Afterwards, some of us went to lunch together and did a little brainstorming about promotion, but it was time for hubby and me to head home. We followed Mrs. Magellan's directions and took the a crooked road (41) all the way to where it joined 46.

Home now and mighty glad to be here.



Morgan Mandel said…
Taking the crooked road - Sounds like a good plot line.

Morgan Mandel
We were following Mrs. Magellan's directions. We know a much better way to get home, but once in awhile, we just do what she says and see some pretty interesting scenery. Besides, once we got committed it seemed foolish to turn back.


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