My Favorite In-Person Events

Today I'm heading to Clovis to speak to the Clovis Book Club. I'll be there at 2:30 along with friend and fellow writer, Sunny Frazier, to talk about our books. I love book clubs, because you are speaking to people who love to read.

The same with a library event--those who come are likely to be book lovers. I have a couple of library events scheduled for this Spring and am looking forward to them.

Mystery and writers conferences and conventions are fun, but unless you can give a presentation or be on a panel, it's hard to connect with readers. My favorite conference is the Public Safety Writers Conference because it is small enough that you can really connect with people. If an author signs up before March 15 of this year he or she will be on a panel if they want to be.

Mayhem in the Midlands in Omaha is another favorite. It is also fairly small and if you published by a legitimate press (can be a small one) that gives royalties, you will probably get a panel too. We've gone to this one faithfully and made so many friends, it's like going to a family reunion.

Because I'm also an e-published author, I love Epicon. This year it will be in New Orleans. I'm giving a presentation about How to Write a Mystery.

Of course there is always Left Coast Crime and Bouchercon. Both will be in California this year. LCC in Los Angeles. I've chosen not to go this year because I'm signed up for Bouchercon in San Francisco. Both of these cons are large and can be overwhelming if you don't know anyone who is going, but they are also exciting because the top names in the mystery world are always in attendance.

What are your favorite in-person events?



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