Mysteries in Real Life

Though I'm a mystery writer I don't have too many real life mysteries to solve. However, one came up the other day.

I received a check in the mail from a bank for $13 and on the check it said a person's name (one I don't recognize) and that it was for a book purchase. There was another name and address on the check. First I tried calling the 1-800 number listed for the bank--but it had been disconnected. Many of my books cost $13--but there was no title on the check. So, I did what anyone would do, I wrote a letter to the address, we'll see what happens.

The other mystery that crops up often when I'm writing a book is where do I go from here? I'm not an outliner. I write descriptions of my characters--the new ones being introduced, do a little research into whatever subject(s) I'm going to be introducing that have something to do with the crime or incidents that I want to happen, then I begin writing.

Once in awhile I get stuck and am not quite sure where I need to go from there, or what should happen next. That's about the biggest mystery I have.

And of course, there is the mystery of "Why did I come in here?" You know, when you go into another room but can't remember what you were after?

What kind of real life mysteries do you face?



BrennaLyons said…
Oh, I face the "Why did I come in here?" thing all the time. Another is the "Where did I put that? I just had it in my hand." I do that one a lot.

Having children raises the mystery quotient a bit. Not only which one did something but HOW they managed to do it comes up often. did the child get to the ceiling TO do something is fairly common in my house.

Same thing with animals. How the strange cat got into the the nine-year-old dog got over (DEFINITELY over and not under or through) a six-foot fence...

Real mysteries? I've been known to hack the accounts of people I know well to either prove it can be done or to settle a mystery. I've also been known to backward-trace a phone number for a good getting a child back from a non-custodial parent that ran off with him. Thankfully, that ended well.

But where the book goes next is never one of them. One of my editors postulated that the whole book is in my subconscious somewhere, and I'm just pulling it out a scene at a time...and out of order. Eventually, it's all in place and moving like a well-oiled machine.

Great comment, Brenna. I remember those mysteries years ago when my kids were little.

I know pretty much how my book(s) are going to end, but don't always know how I'm going to get there--and often the murderer turns out to be someone other than the one who I'd picked.
Cheryl said…
Oh Brenna, the stories we could share. If I didn't carry all three of my kids I would swear we aren't related most of the time. I would never have considered doing half the things my kids have done.

As for mysteries, here's a few:

How did someone like me who has been an avid reader all my life raise two reluctant readers?

How is it I have less time now that I work from home than when I worked outside the house full-time?

How is it possible that I am 20 pounds heavier than I used to be just 6 years ago, but I have pants that fall off?

And why is it that while I was thinking of my current WIP it was most definitely a middle grade novel, but the characters are insisting upon writing themselves much closer to young adults? Sigh!

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