Next on the Agenda

Next weekend hubby and I will be heading for Ventura. That's our old stomping grounds since we lived in Oxnard for over 20 years. We still have a daughter in Oxnard and one in Camarillo. So we do go back there periodially.

However, though we hope to see both girls while we're there, we have another purpose for going--or at least I do.

Public Safety Writers Association is having a board meeting for two days and since I'm the conference program chair and the newsletter editor, I need to be there. The last board meeting we had was in Reno. Not sure that Ventura is quite as exciting, but for me it will be much easier to get to. When I flew to Reno, I had to fly to Phoenix first and then on to Reno. We can drive to Ventura.

Prime on my mind is the conference of course. We have such outstanding speakers that I'm anxious for there to be plenty of writers to hear them. If you are writing mysteries and want to make sure they are authentic, don't miss this conference. We have law enforcement, forensic experts, FBI, DEA and just about anyone you can think of. The conference is small enough that you can network easily.

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