PSWA Conference: Kregg Jorgenson

“Targeting Articles to Particular Magazines”

Kregg Jorgensen served in Vietnam as a LRRP/Ragner and Recon Platoon Leader and the recipient of three purple hearts. He was an Army Journalist where he wrote for various Army publications.

From 1978 to 1980 he wrote training programs and radio commercials. Random House published five of his books on the Vietnam War, including the best seller Acceptable Loss. It received the Bernal Diaz award for best military non-fiction. He also received press awards from the Washington Press Association for various writing projects. He also self published four books.

He’s had over 1,000 articles published in various publications (short stories and poetry in Literary magazines as well as commercial publications) and presently write for Cop to Cop News (out of Vancouver B.C.) and sold articles to Special Weapons and Tactics Magazine and others. He also writes travel articles.

He’s been with Customs for over 25 years (former Inspector and K-9 officer) and now sits behind a desk. He works part time as an Instructor for the Tactical Tracking Operations School training law enforcement agencies and have helped train the Royal Canadian Mounted Police tracking team, SWAT, and several Native American Tribal Tracking Police teams.

When you read all of Jorgenson's past experience, if you are writing about any of these subjects, this is the expert to ask. You'll have that chance at the PSWA Writers Conference. Sign up today:



Cheryl said…
What an excellent variety of workshops are being offered this year. I'm on the planning committee for WriteAngles, a local writers conference. We're talking about potential workshops right now. The conference will be in November 2010.


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