PSWA Conference: Morgan St. James

Morgan St. James is going to speak about "What's the Point of Point of View?"

POV is probably the most troubling concept for new writers. Don't miss out on this.

MORGAN ST. JAMES co-authors the comical Silver Sisters Mysteries series, which began with the award-winning “A Corpse in the Soup.” “Seven Deadly Samovars” was released in October 2009. “Vanishing Act in Vegas” is in work. Find her short stories in multiple anthologies, with new novels and stories scheduled for 2010. Memberships include Sisters in Crime/LA and Henderson Writers Group. She is a founding member and Vice President of Sisters in Crime/Southern Nevada, and edits “On The Prowl”, the SinC/SNV newsletter. She is a frequent panel member, speaker and presenter.

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Cheryl said…
Morgan's Silver Sisters Mysteries series sounds great and unique. I spent some time browsing that series' website and Morgan's. It's wonderful that she can work so closely with her sister on a project.

POV can be challenging, especially third person omni. I swear that's what I'm writing in, but a member of my critique group will say I am switching POVs between characters. I am so confused. :(

Can't make it, but it sounds like great fun--and lots to learn!

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