PSWA Conference: Steve Scarborough

Steve is going to be presenting on "The Detective, Then and Now." A lot of early fiction detectives were taken from real people, but of course it went way beyond reality. Some of those early detectives had problems living up to the ideal created in fiction. There were some interesting real characters in the early days of detective work. The concept and the public's perception of a detective has changed greatly over the years making for some stark contrasts.

Steve Scarborough is a Forensic Scientist with over 30 years experience in Law Enforcement with Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (yes, home of CSI) and the FBI. He has a B.S. degree in Police Science and has testified in court and presented scientific evidence in almost 300 cases.

Steve has given lectures and/or presentations at many law enforcement conferences as well as the previous PSWA conference.

He's written almost 30 articles appearing in numerous publications including; The IAI Journal of Forensic Identification, Law Enforcement Technology, Forensic Magazine, Silver State Journal of Identification, The Print (SCAFO), California Identification Digest, Evidentiary Science & Technology News, Cal Assoc. of Criminalists News and is a regular contributor to the CLPEX website(see article archives).

Steve has been recognized in the Scientific Sleuthing Review, and on the Science & Law Blog, referenced in lectures and writings by Simon Cole and other "skeptics" of Fingerprint Science. He has been recognized for his contribution to Forensic Digital Imaging by INTERPOL in Review Papers at the 14th International Forensic Science Symposium in Lyon, France.

Steve appreciates the value of humor and has written two books, including "The Hired Defense Witness Joke Book" and "Not Tonight Dear I have a Computer."

His Introduction to Fingerprint Science class is P.O.S.T certified. Among Steve's accomplishments are bringing Digital Imaging to his Department, developing a web-based digital image viewer and devising an innovative (one-of-a-kind) workflow for an advanced AFIS system design and advocating the advance of comparative analysis by promoting On-Screen Comparisons.

He is a member of the Public Safety Writers Association as are many of our speakers.

Because Steve is a forensic expert and as such has testified in many cases for the Las Vegas P.D. and for the FBI, if you have questions about forensics and in particular fingerprints, this is the guy to ask.

If you haven't yet, do sign up for the PSWA Writers Conference.



Cheryl said…
This sounds like an excellent workshop too! Oh man, why am I living on this side of the country?


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