PSWA Conference:Sunny Frazier

Sunny Frazier is always a hit at the PSWA conference. This year she's speaking about How Much Sex is Too Much! Wow! What a topic. This one was asked for by last year's participants. Sunny is a good friend of mine and I know she'll keep everyone interested.

Sunny Frazier has been publishing both fiction and nonfiction since 1972. She is a Navy veteran, earned a BA in Journalism, and wrote for a newspaper before joining the Fresno County Sheriff's Department. During her 17 year career in law enforcement, 11 of them were spent working with an undercover narcotics team.

Frazier is also an amateur astrologer. She has been involved in astrology for 35 years.

Her short mystery fiction has won over 30 awards and trophies, as well as publication in mystery magazines and law enforcement magazines. Her first novel in the Christy Bristol Astrology Mysteries, FOOLS RUSH IN, received the Best Novel Award from Public Safety Writers Association. WHERE ANGELS FEAR came out in April, 2009 from Oak Tree Press.

Frazier is a member of the Central Coast Chapter of Sisters in Crime, as well as the Public Safety Writers Association. She currently resides in Lemoore, CA.

Be sure and register before March 31, 2009.



Anonymous said…
Can't make it, but sounds like you all are in for a treat--didn't know Sunny was an expert on her topic-oh, you mean how a book! Lol
Cheryl said…
This sounds like a great topic. Why does all the good stuff happen on the other side of the country? Seriously, though, too much can ruin a good storyline, and like everything with writing, balance is good.

Sunny Frazier said…
Well, ladies, the research has always been fun! I'm single and "qualified." Actually, the PSWA group came up with the topic, sort of caught me off guard. Did it have something to do with the sex club mystery I'd just published?

Seriously, I will be asking other authors what they feel are the boundaries as far as sex and the single sleuth are concerned. Do we close the bedroom door or not?
Morgan Mandel said…
Sunny does not lead a dull life!

Morgan Mandel
Kevin R. Tipple said…
Personally, I don't think
one can have too much sex. Even when reading about it.

Even Stuart Woods agrees. In his books, the characters all drink knob creek,
eat at expensive places, and jump into sexual relationships at the drop of a
hat. And all that sex does nothing to advance character depth or the story.
Not too much sex according to him., his agent, publisher or the readers that
put his books on the NYT bestseller lists.

Now, I would also argue it is stupid sex , but that is another discussion.

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