The What to Pack Dilemma

Whenever I'm going on a trip I agonize over what clothes I should take. No, not the essentials, I have that down pat.

Because I only like to take one pair of shoes (if I don't have to dress up), then I need to decide if I'm going to go with blue and black (black shoes) or browns and greens (brown shoes.)

Where I'm going and what the weather is going to be also is a deciding factor. If I'm going to be inside with air-conditioning I'll need long-sleeves and maybe even a sweater of some sort. Layering, they call it.

I'm also big on what jewelery I should pack. I love jewelry--not the expensive kind, just fun stuff and I have lots of it. Of course it has to go with whatever I finally decide to take for clothes.

Once I've made up my mind, I always throw in one extra outfit just in case--or at least an extra top or two that will go with the pants I've chosen.

When we're driving somewhere I can take more--when we're flying, I try to pick out things I can change around that will look like more outfits than there really are.

All of this worrying if probably foolish, most people don't pay any attention to what you are wearing unless it's outlandish or weird.

Since we're going on a trip this coming weekend, I need to start my planning.

Let's see now...should I take my blue pants and things that will go with them? Or would the brown be better?



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