Angels Among Us

For another blog I post on, I wrote about angels among us and some of the experiences people have told me about where an angel intervened. The photo is of my great-granddaughter, the baby in the following story.

When telling my daughter about posting about angels, she told me of another experience she recently had and I'm going to retell it here.

My daughter Lisa often travels a couple of hours to care for her granddaughter, picture here, while her daughter goes to work in the evening. Usually Lisa is worn out after playing with the baby and then getting her to go to sleep.

When her daughter arrived home in the wee hours, she made a lot of noise and woke Lisa. As it turned out she'd discovered the diamond of her engagement ring was missing. Lisa suggested places that she might look, but really didn't want to get out of bed.

Finally, knowing she'd never get any sleep unless she joined in the search, she wearily went into the living knowing full well the diamond might have been lost in her daughter's car or even at work, which would mean it was probably gone forever.

She walked out into the living room, her daughter turned on the overhead light and immediately, Lisa saw something sparkle on the floor.

She walked over to the place, leaned down and there was the diamond. She picked it up, handed it to her daughter and said, "Good night, I'm going back to sleep."

Since her daughter previously had gone over the entire floor searching for the diamond, this was some kind of miracle--or as Lisa put it, and angel helped her find it.

Do you have any angel stories?



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