The First Week of my Blog Tour

Despite the problems of not yet having my book in hand, my blog tour is beginning as planned.

I do hope some of you will visit the blogs I'm featured on and leave a comment. That helps me, and the blog owner to know that I'm actually working to have people visit each blog.

Here's my first week's schedule:

Mar 1
Mar 2 http://the
Mar 2 interview
Mar 3
Mar 4
Mar 5

I'll be in New Orleans at Epicon from the 3rd through the 7th, so I'll do what promoting I can with my teeny weeny computer in my hotel room. But, folks, I'm not going to spend all my time in the hotel while I'm in New Orleans.

We're arriving there on the 3rd, God willing, since we have to not only transfer planes three times, but also airlines. We're not near a big airline hub, so we always have to make at least one transfer. Going on different airlines is saving us about $400, hope it will be worth it.

Thursday, the 4th is a free day so we plan to wander around New Orleans and eat some of their famous food and hopefully hear some great music. That evening, there's a get-aquainted party at the hotel. Friday the conference begins and I'm giving my interactive "How to Write a Mystery" presentation. There are a lot of intriguing talks going on that I plan to hear. That evening, hubby and I and some of the other attendees are going on a river boat cruise. We're assured of good food and music there.

Saturday, I'm giving the same presentation to a group of young writers. That evening is the awards banquet. Think Academy awards for e-book authors. No Sanctuary is a finalist in the mystery/thriller category. I'm also going to be a presenter.

Anyway, while I'm gone, please, please visit some of the blogs on my tour. I'll be checking to see who left comments.



Anonymous said…
Best wishes for your Book Blog Tour success. Keep posting reminders to the Yahoo! group as reminders. I'll stop by and visit.

Stephen Tremp

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