My sis sent me this photo of my husband and I way back when we were young and slim. Hubby was still in the Navy and we only had three children at the time, ended up with five.

We're standing in my parents' front yard, the home I grew up in--Los Angeles CA. The house is no longer there, replaced by the Glendale Freeway.

Our eldest daughter, Dana, is now the mother of two and grandmother of five. The next little girl, Lisa, is the mother of two and grandmother of four. The baby in my arms, Mark, died from cancer in his early forties. He had one son, and three step-children, and two grandkids.

We had two other children, Lori, who has four children and no grandkids, and the baby, Matthew, who has three children, one step-daughter, and three grandkids.

It's hard to remember being that young. I do remember working hard. Until we had our fifth child, I hung all the laundry outside. My grandfather felt sorry for me and bought me a dryer. We seldom went out to eat which meant I cooked dinner every night. Besides our family, we often had guests.

When hubby was overseas, I bought all the groceries for the whole month during one grocery visit--sometimes I had five carts full of food. It was the only way to make sure we ate that month.

Between pregnancies, I worked as a telephone operator.

When our youngest was five, I began college and also worked as a teacher in a pre-school for developmentally disabled children. For ten years, I also had a Camp Fire Group. I took those girls everywhere, camping, back packing, to L.A. to live TV shows, to San Diego, and for our grand finale, a bus trip to the Grand Canyon.

All during the time I also wrote--PTA newsletters, plays for my Camp Fire Girls to perform, and finally, two historical family sagas based on my family genealogy.

Nothing was published until after we moved to another place--and that's a whole other set of memories.



Anonymous said…
Loved the story. All your past memories have made you the wonderful lady you are today. No wonder you are loved by so many.
You are proud person of many people and things, however you should be proudest of yourself. I have adored you for years and look forward too anytime I can see you personally.
Have a wonderful day, heard the sunshine will be out all day today. Smiles, prayers and love, Sherrie
M.M. Gornell said…
WOW! How time flies... Great picture.
I always enjoy looking back at the past. At my age, there's a lot more of that than future, I'm afraid. You have quite a family. I didn't get married until I was nearly 28. My four kids were spaced out so only the oldest has any grandkids. But adding in Sarah's family, we have a houseful on holidays.

Know what you mean about being hard to remember being that young. But it was quite a time. Thanks for the memories.
Cheryl said…
Marilyn, thanks for sharing these memories and this wonderful photo. Even I have a hard time looking back to photos from my teens and early twenties, thinking how young I looked then.

Life was very different than it is now, and I feel very blessed.

As Bob Hope used to say at the end of every TV special, "Thanks for the memories."

Dorothy said…
Wow, loved this story! You were a babe back then and a babe now. ;o)
Morgan Mandel said…
Cute photo - I used to be slim myself a long time ago. I could even wear dresses then. Now I look dumpy in them.

Oh well, good thing women wear slacks a lot these days.

Morgan Mandel

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