A Peek Into This Author's Life

I'm sure people conjure up some romantic notion of an author's life--and there are as many different stories as there are authors.

Of course some authors have become rich and famous and don't have to worry about all the mundane things of life--I'm not one of them.

Saturday, we decided to kind of take the day off. So after I answered all my emails and corrected one chapter, we headed to the post office because I had books to mail I was donating for a charity and then drove 17 miles to the nearest city. First we stopped off at the bank, then we went to Target to pick up a few needed items. We had lunch at a Japanese place--wonderful--and headed over to the movies to see Shutter Island. I'd read the book, and hubby and I both met author Dennis Lehane a few years ago at a Mayhem in the Midlands conference--he was pretty famous back then, but nothing like he is now. We liked the movie, it followed the book more than most movies manage to do.

From there we stopped at Smart and Final to pick up some grocery items.

Before we went home we stopped at the p.o. again to pick up our mail. Of course the mail brought things I had to take care of, but also a 1099 I'd been waiting for to finish my income tax.

We put our purchases away and had a quick supper of pancakes. (As anyone knows who reads my Facebook status reports, usually I cook dinner for hubby and me, son, daughter-in-law, sometimes granddaughter, and the grandson who lives with us. Over the years, we've had three grandsons who've lived with us as kids and adults.

After I cleaned up the kitchen, I decided to tackle some more paperwork, then I finished the income tax.

By now it was nearly 8 o'clock and I fade fast.

When this appears on Sunday, I'll be teaching my Sunday School class, attending church, and afterward probably going to eat at the Mexican place in town and we'll probably take whatever relatives showed up at church along with us.

I've got a paid job to start working on and I'll probably begin that in the afternoon.

After 6, I have to call the court house to see if I must report in for jury duty on Monday. Most likely I will.

And that's a brief glimpse into the life of an author who did very little writing today.



Cheryl said…
Don't we live such a charmed life? LOL! Amazing thing is, we still put our pants on one leg at a time like the rest of the world.

Your day sounds as crazy as my days, balancing between writing and family live.

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