Planning for Epicon

It may be a bit early, but we're headed to Epicon on March 3rd. This time it's in New Orleans. We've never been to New Orleans and we're really looking forward to going.
That is, all except for the airline flights there and back. We are making three changes--and not just changing airplanes, but airlines as well. Doing it this way is saving us about $400. I'm sure I'll have plenty to blog about when we return.

I always plan ahead about what clothes I'm taking. Since there is a dress-up awards ceremony--and my mystery No Sanctuary is up for an award, I already bought a fancy top to wear over my long black dress and a sparkly necklace to go with it.

The second night we're there, we're going on a steamboat cruise with a New Orleans style buffet and jazz music. Sounds like fun.

I'll be teaching two classes on "How to Write a Mystery", one for the adults and the next day for young people. In this class, the audience participates in planning a mystery. This is as much fun for me as it is for everyone else.

There are several classes being offered that I'm interested in, but wonder if being so close to the French Quarter will tempt me to miss some of them.

My publisher is coming as well as many good friends that I don't see that often, so I'm truly eager for Epicon--despite the strange way we have to travel



Lorna & Larry said…
Have you made arrangements for a newsprint pad & markers? We'll need one, too, but I haven't asked Char about it. Once again, we're slotted opposite each other. :-(

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