Saturday's Valentine Dinner

Every year our church has had a Valentine Dinner. This year was no exception. We've done it many different ways, with the dinner being catered, one of the members doing all the cooking, the youth doing the serving, twice we've met at a local restaurant.

We have a new fellowship committee this year and the male partner used to own a restaurant and he volunteered to do all the cooking. What a meal we had! Avocado, tomato and shrimp salad served on spring greens. Stuffed pork loin, broccoli, baked potato and a roll. For dessert, a strawberry sundae.

Of course the tables were decorated with red heart candles and other Valentine goodies--including little cups with candies inside.

You didn't have to be a couple to attend and we did have a few who came solo.

The couple who had been married the longest had 63 years under their belt. We came next with our 58. And there were others all along the way down to the nearly newlyweds with five years.

Everyone shared funny stories and we played a couple of games. It was a very enjoyable evening. A good way to celebrate Valentine's Day.

On the actual day, hubby gave me a card that pretty much said it all. He's great at picking out cards with just the right sentiment.

I hope everyone else's Valentine's Day was as pleasurable.



Cheryl said…
Oh, this sounds neat. I am going to propose something like this to our church to see how it goes.


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