Sisters in Crime, Local Chapters and What They Do

For anyone who doesn't know, Sisters in Crime is an international organization of readers and writers of mysteries. It began as a means of promoting female mystery authors. Despite the name, men are allowed to join and in the San Joaquin chapter, one I belong to and attend most often, the males are called "mister sisters."

I was one of the founding members of the San Joaquin chapter and I love it. Over the years I've given presentations for them, sold a lot of my books to members, learned a lot from other speakers, bought a lot of books from other authors who've come, and gotten ideas for books from speakers like vice cops, coroners and the like.

In my latest book, An Axe to Grind, the main plot was inspired by grisly slides shown to us before lunch by a coroner. A sub plot came from a female vice-cop who came to speak several years back.

I've been asked by speakers from the law enforcement field to write their story, but so far haven't done that.

What I have done is made a lot of friends in the San Joaquin Sisters in Crime. Unfortunately, I don't get to go as often as I'd like.

I also belong to the L.A. chapter of Sisters in Crime and have only been to one meeting, but I love their newsletter and their online list. I've also taken advantage of signing at the L.A. Time Book Festival in their booth.

Another chapter that I send my dues to is the Central Coast Chapter. They are situated over in the San Luis Obispo area and I do a lot of events with them. I have become close friends with many of the members. They have a joint author signing coming up on March 28th at the Coalesce Book Store in Morro Bay from 1-3 and I'll be there.

I'm also a member of the Internet chapter of Sisters in Crime. They have a website and a list that members can participate on.

Can you guess that I really like Sisters in Crime? If you are a mystery lover--writer or readers--find a chapter near you and visit. You won't be sorry.



Cheryl said…
"Mister Sister" now that's good. It seems you belong to a fair amount of organizations, Marilyn. How do you choose which ones to stick with?

Now that my first book is coming out, I'm seriously considering joining SCWI, but should I? Is it worth the dues? Is there something better for me out there since I don't write only for children?

Any advice would be helpful.


Check the organization and see what they offer for the money.

I've stuck with MWA because I'm an approved member, if I left and tried to rejoin it would only be as an associate member. They have a good newsletter with lots of information.

Sisters in Crime is my first love, I belong to all those chapters for various reasons.

I also belong to Epic because it has the strongest voice for those published electronically.

You just have to decide if what a group offers is something that will benefit you in the long run.


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