So Why Do I Keep on Writing?

In a couple of blogs I've confessed that I'm not a famous author nor do I make very much money. So I'm sure there are those out there who wonder why I keep at it. After all, my first book was published way back in 1981. Shouldn't success have caught up with me by now?

I have a whole slew of reasons why I keep on. First, I don't think I could quit even if I wanted to. All those characters in my head want to get out paper. I want to know what Tempe and Hutch will be up to next as well as that whole Rocky Bluff P.D. bunch.

The friends I've made over the years are priceless. Those fans who are waiting for my next book and tell me so, I love. The ones I know will show up at my next book launch and buy a book. Friends I only see once a year at conferences like Mayhem in the Midlands: Sarah Weiss and her mom, Benay, who could be her sister. Other authors who I look forward to seeing and hanging out with, like Radine Nehring and her husband, John--and way to many more to even mention.

My good friend Gay Kinman who was my roommate at an Epcion when I didn't have a clue who she really was, only what I knew from email. Since that time we've been to Tampa together and traveled to New York for the Edgars and the Malice Domestic. We're going to room together once again at Bouchercon in San Francisco this fall.

Hubby and I have traveled to so many American cities we'd have never gone to if it hadn't been for Left Coast Crime and Bouchercon and Epicon. In a week we're headed to New Orleans for Epicon.

Alone, I've been to Alaska twice--met an Alaskan native and her sis, Katina and Amber, the first time, and stayed with Katina the second and had a wonderful time exploring Wasila AK, seeing the Anchorage museum and meeting Katina and Amber's mom and dad.

We've stayed in fancy hotels and funny rundown ones. We've visited and stayed with author friends and been shown great hospitality, Lorna and Larry were wonderful to us and how we loved their great backyard waterfall.

Being the program chairperson for the Public Safety Writers Association's conference is a lot of work, but it's given me and hubby the opportunity to meet great writers, interesting experts in all sorts of fields, and a bunch of great cops who are willing to share their knowledge, and we've gained a lot of friends through this group too.

What I've gained in friendships is worth far more than money I might make off of my books.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.



Cheryl said…
This is so true. I've made so many friendships since I began writing--ours is among them.

Keep up the great work Marilyn!

Holli said…
I only hope to write as many books as you one day. As a newbie, it's nice to have someone real and nice to look up to.

Holli Castillo
Gumbo Justice
You are an inspiration and a role model, Marilyn!

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