An Axe to Grind Review Snippets

So far all the reviews for An Axe to Grind have been fantastic.

Probably the most heartwarming comments came from a friend who bought my book, then put on Facebook that very same day that she'd already finished reading it and loved it.

One of the best beginning of a review was this:

“I loved this book from the first few pages! Nothing like a good decapitation to get the vibes and imagination rolling!..." Jen's Book Talk.

Or how about this one:

"Who ever thought reading about a decapitated corpse couldn’t be funny hasn’t read, An Axe To Grind, by F.M. Meredith..." She went on to say However, author F.M. Meredith has found a way to write a gripping murder mystery while including enough light-hearted moments..." Mason Canyon, Thoughts in Progress.

This four star review from Cafe of Dreams ended this way, "Author F.M. Meredith has a delightful and wonderful writing style and voice that will instantly click with readers male or female. Her writing is in-depth and really speaks of police procedure research, making her story even more authentic and enjoyable. While reading, I found myself utterly hooked and unable to place the book aside, without yearning to return. The flow of the story is smooth, believable and just plain excellent."

And what author wouldn't be thrilled by this from Rundpenne, "...However, An Axe To Grind is far more than a mystery, it is a story about the families of the Rocky Bluff Police Department and how their work affects their personal lives and how their personal lives affect their work. Meredith has created an absolutely delightful cast of characters for her novel. From levelheaded to quirky and from demure to downright scary, Meredith takes the reader to Rocky Bluff and makes the reader feel as though the characters are quite real."

5 Stars from The Book Connection from Cheryl Malandrinos, "...With her masterful storytelling, Meredith includes many twists and turns to keep you guessing who the real culprit is. But what I like best about all the Rocky Bluff P.D. books is that the pace doesn’t slow down. Every new clue leads to something else, and before you know it, you’re at the end of the book and eager to read more.

I impatiently await the next book in the Rocky Bluff P.D. series by F.M. Meredith!"

Needless to say, I've been thrilled with these reviews.



Mason Canyon said…
Thank you for including a mention of my review. AN AXE TO GRIND is a great book that I enjoyed very much. Wishing you much success with it, as well as all the others.
Cheryl said…
No big surprise to me. It's a great book.

It sure sounds like you enjoyed your latest virtual book tour. I'm glad.


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