Book Signing at Epicon, New Orleans

Anyone living in New Orleans, at 2:15 today, I'll be signing books in the bookstore at the Epicon conference at the Sheraton Hotel on Canal Street. This will be the first time I didn't have to haul books in my luggage as Barnes and Nobel is taking care of the signing and ordered the books ahead of time. (At least I'm hoping that's what happened.)

No matter how it turns out though, I'm excited about visiting New Orleans for my first and probably only time.

Tonight is the big awards ceremony where everyone gets dressed up, attends a sumptuous banquet, and finds out how is going to win the awards for best in e-books. My book, No Sanctuary is a finalist in the mystery/suspense category. Though I certainly think my book deserves an award, it is up against three other books who also are wonderful and deserve an award.

No matter, I've gone to lots of these award ceremonies and they are lots of fun. My publisher, Dan Reitz, is the master of ceremonies, and he's a hoot. We'll all laught a lot and enjoy the evening.

Unfortunately, hubby and I must be up bright and early to head back to the airport. We'll have to say our goodbyes at the award ceremony.



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