Epicon, Part 2, Friday

Hubby went off to breakfast with another attendees husband and I joined the group for the goodies offered by Epic.

First on the agenda was a business meeting. I then gave a presentation on How to Write a Mystery and the group came up with a fascinating bunch of characters and a great plot.

From there I sat in on presentation on Income Taxes and the Writer.

Lunch, like all the meals, was great followed by a speaker.

More presentations in the afternoon--though none were well attended.

That evening, along with quite a few folks from the conference headed off on foot to the harbor where we boarded a steam boat. The photos are from the dinner cruise.

My publisher, Dan Reitz and his daughter, Publisher, Marci Baun and her daughter, two huge freighters we passed, and Kim McDougall who I've known on line for a long time, but met her for the first time at this conference. She's well-known for Blazing Trailers website and making book trailers.

Hubby and I loved the cruise and sat out on deck after we ate dinner.

We walked back home--another couple and us--and the rest were worried I wouldn't know the way. No problem.

We could hardly wait to get into bed.

Around 4 a.m. someone across from us started hollering and pounding on the door. "Hey, Rainey, wake up. Where'd you park my car, Dude?" and on and on.

When we left to go to breakfast in the morning, I spied a Do Not Disturb sign on his door and really wanted to go pound on it and shout--but I resisted. Part 3 soon.



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