High Desert Chapter of California Writers Club Visit

The fact that it's daylight savings time hasn't helped as far as how tired I feel. We arrived back home from Apple Valley around 5 last night and I was in bed by 7, still had to fight to get up this morning.

We left home around 9:30 on Friday, stopped at the post office, and then headed down to the Porterville Recorder's office. There I had my photo taken with An Axe to Grind and left a copy of the book with the editor, Claudia Elliott.

Next stop was the Book Store Around the Corner From Main and arranged for a book launch for An Axe to Grind.

From there, we stopped and got a McDonald's iced coffee, vanilla flavored for me, and then I programmed our Magellan for the hotel in Victorville. When I looked for a hotel or motel in Apple Valley I couldn't find any listed so I made a reservation for the Ambassador Motel--not really expecting much as it was pretty inexpensive.

This is the time of year to drive. On the way up the mountain to Tehachapi we saw lots of wildflowers including poppies, in Tehachapi patches of snow remained. Down the other side to the Mojave desert the view was gorgeous.

We arrived in Victorville to find the hotel was quite popular with an AlAnon and Alcholics Anonymous Convention in full swing. Our room was on the top floor and it had been newly redecorated and was quite nice. Because it was Friday night, traffic was horrendous so we opted to walk to Del Taco for our dinner. I had shrimp tacos which were actually quite delicious. Back to the hotel and TV.

The next a.m., we at the free breakfast offered by the hotel, packed up and headed over to Apple Valley, following Mrs. Magellan's instructions.

The last time we were in Apple Valley was over 50 years ago--believe me it has definitely changed. It's a new and thriving community in gorgeous natural surroundings.

The library is new and we found it easily. I gave copies of Deadly Omen away to everyone who came. I believe about 50 people attended as I had few copies left.

I spoke about e-publishing and on-line promotion and everyone seemed attentive and lots of great questions were asked. After the meeting, I sold some of my other books.
We were invited by the group to go to lunch as their guest and many of the group met in a little place called Maxwell's with wonderful food.

From there we headed home and Mrs. Magellan took us a different and fast way then we'd come.

It's always good to get back home.



Joe Haggerty said…
I'm a East Coast person and I am unfamiliar with the places you wrote about, but you have made them places I would like to visit.

It is always good to get home, but I do so enjoy visiting new places and meeting different people.
I grew up in Los Angeles and lived most of my life in California--however, I've also lived in Virginia and Maryland a couple of times.

Going to conference and conventions has given me the opportunity to visit lots of new spots.


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