In New Orleans and Visiting Kaye Boone's Blog All at the Same Time

If all has gone as planned, I'm in New Orleans and spent the day sightseeing. When I get back I'll have photos and give a report. I've been looking forward to this trip so much I've even dreamed about eating crayfish.(As long as I don't think of them as the crawdads my kids used to catch, I'm okay.)

Today, I'm also on Kaye Boone's Blog, Meanderings and Muses. I don't know Kaye, but I feel like I do. She came from the same hometown and my husband, Cambridge MD. Hap left when he was 18 to join the Navy--and he's quite a bit older than Kaye, so they never crossed paths.

I've read most of Kaye's blogs so know quite about her even though we've never met in person. If you visit her blog, please let her know I sent you.



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