Meet Amy Denton, New Member of PSWA

Marilyn: Hi, Amy, I've not had the pleasure of meeting you as yet. Will you tell me and my blog readers something about yourself?

Amy: My name is Amy Denton. I have lived on the Gulf Coast of Texas since 1981. I was born in Washington D.C. I have a sister who has 3 kids and I like being an aunt. I taught high school for five years before I got tired of beating my head against the wall (in regards to regulations, etc, NOT the students).

I attempted to run a professional organizing business but realized that I wasn't a very good business owner. I wasn't willing enough to put in the time that was truly needed. I just graduated from graduate school with a Master's in history and I am I going to use that to teach in college and/or on-line college.

Marilyn: Why did you join PSWA?

Amy: I have a great respect for all in the law enforcement field. I would like to write stories with accurate representations of law enforcement people in them. I joined PWSA so I could gain the knowledge I needed to make certain my characters are realistic.

Marilyn: That's a good idea. When you have questions, ask them on the list.

When did you first begin writing and what do you like to

Amy: I started writing stories when I was in high school. I like to write a little bit about a lot of things. I've written horror/suspense, fantasy, action/adventure, mystery. I just like to write.

Marilyn: You sound like all of the rest of the members in this group--we all like to write. Tell me about some of the things that you've written.

Amy: Most of what I've written in the past two years has been papers for graduate school. One of my favorite papers I wrote was on the Hoover Dam and how it came to be. It has been selected to be presented at the annual convention of the Southwestern Historical Association this year, so I'm really jazzed about that.

I wrote another paper, again for class, on the National American Women's Suffrage Association and discovered that the NAWSA was the forerunner of the League of Women Voters.

I've also written papers on why Elizabeth the First (of England) never married and why Edward the 8th (of England) abdicated the throne. One of the most unique papers I wrote was about the movie The Birth of a Nation (the first full length
film ever created in 1915). I wrote about how masculinity was shown in the film.

Another fun paper I wrote was on Barcelona, Spain and how it was chosen for the 1992 Summer Olympics.

Marilyn: All of those papers sound really interesting. Maybe one day you'll develop one or all of them into a book.

Is there anything else you'd like to mention?

Amy: This is the first time I've ever been interviewed and the experience was wonderful. Thank you for asking.

Marilyn: That was interesting and I feel like I know you a bit better. Thank you for answering all my questions and I do hope we'll get to meet in person one of these days.


M.M. Gornell said…
Amy, I agree with Marilyn, all your papers sound really interesting, especially on NAWSA and Elizabeth the First and Edward the 8th.

Would love to meet you at the conference, be sure to grab me and say hello if I don't find you first.
WS Gager said…
Welcome to PSWA Amy! You papers sound interesting. I always find doing research is a great way to jump start a sagging storyline. I find something that is stranger than fiction and twist it a bit and I have a great new way to go. for my story.
Holli said…
You should also have plenty to write about living on the Gulf coast of Texas- I'm sure you probably run from hurricanes as often if not more than we do in New Orleans.

Holli Castillo
Gumbo Justice

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