More About Sunday's Booksigning

When I first got up to talk, I took a photo of the audience, then I asked who knew how to use the camera on an iPhone and a lady in the front row raised her hand. I gave her my iPhone and asked her to take a photo.

I only brought three books to sell because there were six authors speaking who also had books to sell. I brought Dispel the Mist, No Sanctuary and An Axe to Grind.

I told a little bit about my writing background and something about the two series. Because I thought it such a great review, I read the first couple of paragraphs that Mason Canyon wrote about An Axe go Grind. Afterwards, I answered questions.

When all the questions had been answered, I stepped outside to the table where my books were on display and several folks came and picked one up and asked for a personalization. (I'd already signed them all.)

Then the next person gave their presentation.

This was an extremely well-run author event--I give my congratulations to Sue, Karen and Victoria and the other members of the Central Coast Sisters in Crime. I'm a member too and I go to many of the events they hold over in the Morro Bay and San Luis Obispo area. (Hubby and I love it there.)

I sold 16 books which is wonderful for a two hour event with five other authors.

Tomorrow, I'll tell more about our trip there and back.



This photo makes me laugh. I look like I'm either singing (would never happen)or preaching--well I was, about my books and writing.

Sunny Frazier said…
Well, I've taken better photos of you!

So sorry I had to miss this event, sounds like it was terrific. Unfortunately, I had to meet with the Tax Man. No getting around it.
Mason Canyon said…
Sounds like it was an interesting book signing. I bet the lady that took your photo told all her friends about it and you. I'm honored that you liked my review enough to read it at the signing. That truly means a lot to me, thank you.
Good going, Marilyn. I believe your genuine interest in your audience sold your books. That and they sound darned good. I'm going over to Amazon. Alas, our little town bookstore seems to be enamoured with Dan Brown and Nora Roberts.


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