Off to Morro Bay Again

We love going to the coast, which anyone who reads my blogs has probably figured out.

This time we're going because I belong to the Central Coast Sisters in Crime and they are having a joint author signing at the Coalesce Book Store on Main Street in Morro Bay, Sunday, March 28th from 1-3.

We decided to go today and we're booked a room in another hotel we've never stayed in--sure to be an adventure like so many before.

Of course we plan to have a great seafood meal this evening and enjoy gazing out the window at the bay.

The signing itself sounds fun. I think each of us (authors) will have the opportunity to speak about and/or read a bit from our book. I'll be bringing An Axe to Grind and two other books.

So far, this will be my only signing in a bookstore. I've been to this bookstore before and it's charming. Each author is bringing some kind of finger food, so there'll be refreshments to entice people in.

When I get home, I'll report how it all went.



M.M. Gornell said…
Sounds like fun! Central Coast SinC sound like a good group, wish I were closer! Have a great time.

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