Our Trip to and From Morro Bay

We always go to Morro Bay or any event on the coast the day before because it's about a 3 1/2 hour drive. Could be shorter, but we have to make a couple of stops--has something to do with age.

This time, hubby took me out to breakfast in Porterville. Then we headed to McDonald's and picked up a large cup of our favorite flavored iced-coffee, me vanilla, hubby caramel.

We take the short cut which means we drive past Corcoran Prison (formidable) and then turn on a farm road until we get to Utica Ave., which is also a two-lane farm road with nothing much to see except flat farmlands until we reach Highway 5. We get on it for a short 2 miles to 41. (We often make a stop there before traveling on.) Then we go west on 41 to where it connects with the next highway that leads to the Paso Robles and Highway 101. The wildflowers were spectacular--bright orange poppies, blue lupine, wild mustard and the hills were green. We didn't stop, so my photo was taken through the car window--hence the cracked pavement in the front. I'm not much of a photographer and the colors are nowhere near as vivid as they actually were.

But coming and going the scenery was spectacular.



Mason Canyon said…
The scenery would be reason enough to go the day before. Just a chance to relax and enjoy the view on your way there and back.
jenny milchman said…
Wow, gorgeous, and yet somehow desolate. I love road trips--sounds like great fun.

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